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Interstellar's Social Media "Event Horizon" in Indonesia

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First and foremost, all of us geeks here totally loved interstellar. We loved it that much that we pulled one month's worth of social data to see if our fellow countrymen did too. It turned out around 75% of "interstellar" mentions in Bahasa Indonesia came back positive, mostly discussing the science and debating the technology, whereas the haters didn't really understand it to begin with (no surprise there!). Interstellar opened here in Indonesia on Thursday, November 6, but conversations didn't really pickup until the next day where it was mentioned by 3,634 people, potentially reaching an additional 60 Million impressions. The movie and it's promo's successfully maintained a whole 3 weeks of buzz, which was definitely a good thing - mainly driven by moviegoers taking their time to see the film and waiting to see what their friends said about it first.


A few interesting and "surprising" people also weighed in on the movie from girl bands to political figures:




Apart from public figures, a few local and global brands also rode the wave - although not as many as we would expect to ride a movie as big as this.



Here's the "data-driven" Endurance below. We've also got a Hi-Res print size file available, mention us on Twitter @kanadigital and we'll send you one!