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#SayaBertanya : Justice, Rants and Viral Memes?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Is it a meme or a twitter rant? Well, it's a little bit both but a whole lot of jutice involved in it too. This #SayaBertanya hastag all started when our sixth Indonesian president, the one and only Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), fought and wanted justice after hundreds of people held a demonstration in front of his house in Kuningan, South Jakarta, on Monday (February 6th).

So, he did what any man in this situation would do, he tweeted...

“Saya bertanya kpd Bapak Presiden & Kapolri, apakah saya tidak memiliki hak untuk tinggal di negeri sendiri, dgn hak asasi yang saya miliki?” *SBY*

Basically, SBY asked the president and the police chief if he has the rights to live in peace in his own country, choosing his words carefully apparently. He wrote the words Saya Bertanya which means “I’m Asking Why” or the sort.

And rather than feeling concerned or sympathetic, somehow netizens found humor in the tweet, as they always did in any situation. People seemed to be amused they even invented a hashtag #SayaBertanya (I ask)in which they asked funny questions that were not related to the main issue SBY was trying to raise at all. In fact, our Sonar radar captured 47,187 total posts around the topic “#SayaBertanya kepada Bapak Presiden dan Kapolri” throughout February 6th – 8th.

Most of the posts (92%) were dominated by hilarious jokes made by our netizens. It was @AbdeeNegara who became the most influential Key Opinion Leader (KOL) based on viral reach (2,837,282), followed by @makmummasjid (1,695,941) and @yeahmahasiswa (1,258,638). For more info about the #SayaBertanya conversation on the digital world, take a look at our infographic below!