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Did You Feel The Love on Social?

Monday, March 13, 2017

We all know that February 14th has always been known as Valentine’s Day. It’s the one day when we hear a lot of “I love you” being thrown out to each other. Restaurants are always full-booked by happy couples that wanted to celebrate this special day. Not to mention the gifts they had prepared for each other. We couldn’t help to feel touched by the loving day. 

And don’t forget those chocolates and flowers! We don’t know where it came from but all we know is that, chocolates and flowers have always been the symbols of Valentine’s Day. Dapur Cokelat, a famous chocolate shop in Indonesia, took advantage of it by creating a love story competition called #14potongcokelat. They also collaborated with, a story sharing platform. That hashtag became the most used brand campaign hashtags (735), followed by #ShareYourLove (197) and #SayItWithCadbury (180).

However, sadly for these brands, it was #GagalValentine that stole the hearts of Netizen and successfully became the top organic hashtag on the internet. Using that hashtag, people shared their failed love stories to the world. Some of them were sad, but the rest of them were quite funny we even couldn’t help but laugh (we’re sorry!).

The second top organic hashtag was #HappyValentinePepo, a hashtag created by netizens due to Antari Azhar’s accusation that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) was the mastermind behind his 18 years prison verdict. The news came on the Valentine’s Day, so that’s why people “congratulated” SBY by creating a hashtag #HappyValentinePepo. For most of you who didn’t know already, Pepo is what SBY’s grandchildren usually call him.

To find out more about what happened on the online sphere during Valentine’s Day, take a look at our infographic below! Also, check out if some of your favorite Chocolate brands felt the love that day.