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Biscuits, Social TV and The President

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our last few posts and reports from us tended to be a little on the serious side, so we thought we'd have fun with this one. At Kana we all love snacks (and we have the kilos to prove it - but that's a post for another time), so why not listen in on the first snack that was in front of us at the time - a pack of biscuits. As we like to keep these reports as neutral as possible, our social team put forward a simple premise, "let's just put in the word 'biskuit' in Bahasa Indonesia and see what happens?" = So on the 1st of July, that's exactly what we done!

After letting things go for just over a month, we all sat down to review the results. We expected to see all the big brands and campaigns come out on top - but that wasn't the case, in fact, there were a few surprises indeed. Out of around 37,000 posts, 12 engagements and 14,000 unique authors, a local brand Kokola came out on top with 1,283 brand mentions followed by established local brands such as Khong Guan and Roma with 1,091 and 732 mentions, respectively.

What really caught our attention was one in particular social media campaign run by Kokola early July, which generated massive engagement. The #MamaBijak campaign asked followers to answer questions displayed on the popular TV program "Laptop si Unyil". The hashtag on it's own generated a potential reach of 31 Million from 2,192 posts and engagements. Being the only brand with a "Social TV" type campaign during the listening period, Kokola managed to successfully bridge the gap between traditional media and social media, locally. Kana has always been a staunch believer of Social TV, so naturally we're excited to see the success of a basic yet well-thought campaigns such as this. Drilling down the numbers further, we also discovered the benefits of this campaign were not limited to Kokola, but also the TV program itself generating a viral reach of 303,000 for the term "Laptop si Unyil". Everyone was a winner on this one.

As far as interesting content goes, we also found viral content related to no one other then our own president. The moment came when an 8 year old child from Kendari, Sulawesi, gave a tin of biscuits to the president. What seemed like an uneventful routine article actually generated a viral reach of 270,887 with 480 engagements - the most single viral post of the period related to biscuits. This also got us thinking, what if brands carried this post and made it their own? Other viral content included supermarket promos and creative cooking recipes with biscuits.