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Power Rangers Was Brought Back And Netizens Screamed “It’s Morphin Time!” On Social

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

90s kids will surely remember the days when they woke up excitedly on Sunday mornings at 6 A.M. to watch cartoons till 10 A.M. From all the cartoons you watched, the few that stuck with you have been replayed and even remade several times, such as Doraemon, P-Man, Detective Conan, & Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR). We know MMPR is a live-action superhero but kids in the 90s used to think of a usual Sunday morning cartoon.  

The adventure of five “teenagers with attitude” chosen by wise sage Zordon to defend the Earth really made every kid want to be like them. One of most epic things you probably loved to watch was the appearance of Megazord, are we right? This series was indeed epic, even their theme song “GO GO POWER RANGERS” really gave kids a thrill of excitement before the episodes begin. We are certain it still does!

Till today, Power Rangers has appeared in 20 series, 12 video games, and 3 movies. This year, Power Rangers returned to the big screen since the 1997 film “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie”. It featured the trailer on November 2015 and when it released the internet went wild!

Sonar Platform captured 14,420 Total Buzz. It contained of 14,205 Tweets, 23 forum Posts, & 12 Facebook posts. Conversation about topics relating to “Power Rangers” reached its’ peak on 23 March 2017, there were 6,737 conversations in total. The top influencer accounts that pushed this topic to become viral included cinema21, ikidolanan, dan wiranegara.

So, we assumed you all saw the movie already. Which one do you like, the first or latest Power Ranger? Whatever you choose at least it will still make you scream “It’s Morphin Time” both online and offline!