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Indonesia Needs Shawn Mendes and Perhaps Brands Might Need the Momentum Too!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What’s the last concert you watch recently in Indonesia? Whether it’s’ for local or foreign artists, the buzz on the Internet surrounding concerts are always crazy! As a brand, it’s a great momentum to working together with the artists in talks or the concert hype itself.  So, what’s the possible impact? Of course the audience who were first and foremost interested in the concert or the artist will of course be on the lookout for social news or updates relating to the concert event and will potentially come across your update which will give some added on buzz if you were to build a social activation or campaign surrounding the concert buzz. So, yes that means gaining some awareness towards your brand automatically. Many brands have in fact tried this strategy, such as Walls ice cream when they took on the buzz of the Taylor Swift RED tour in Jakarta for Cornetto’s campaign to promote the limited edition ice cream flavour, Blackforest Red.

If you’re looking for some hype or maybe just some inspiration for your next social activation, maybe this very anticipated artist can inspire you. Yep, it’s Shawn Mendes, the all-around loved voice behind the hit songs, namely Stitches, Treat You Better and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Shawn Mendes and his party had already announced his concert news last year. Here’s the sad part, Indonesia was NOT on his tour plan or schedule! His Indonesian fans automatically took the matter to social media, making a social movement with the hashtag #IndonesiaNeedsYouShawn which quickly became one of trending topics in Indonesia on Twitter just a few days ago.

Sonar tracked this topic from 21 up till 24 April 2017, our radar found that #IndonesiaNeedYouShawn got 15,693 total buzz that reached its’ peak on April 23rd at 814 buzzes. Most of the posts were about Shawn’s fans asking Shawn Mendes would add Indonesia to his world tour. His official Indonesian fanbase @ShawnMendesIND really did take on a big role on this topic, the account was one of the top influencers in generating both engagement and viral reach. It shows that most of Shawn Mendes’ fans in Indonesia do want him to come and sing here in Indonesia.

Something to consider, right? Maybe when he does come here, brands will take on the hype as part of their marketing strategy too, since topics about artist announcing their concert plan on social media really do give quite a big impact on certain segments. Which is why there might be a chance for brands to see this as their opportunity jump in the concert train, or maybe a bus? Assuming that is if their segment relates the artist, concert or event at hand and if the brands fully understand what their audience wants in it by listening to them on social.

Would you consider giving it a shot?