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Online Learning, Do We Need It or Not?

Thursday, May 04, 2017

The existence of technology in everyday life has made us always need things instantly. It happens to every situation like ordering food, buying clothes, or even studying. Yes, even studying can be done via online nowadays.

Did you know? According to Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, M. Nasir, which his statement recorded by, 7 out of 10 Indonesia people within the range 19-23 years old can’t continue to study in college. The reasons are expensive of college fee, need to work for the family, and location that far from their home. Thanks to technology, specifically for smartphone and tablet which is equipped with providers, they can use the internet everywhere as it becomes the main part of life. As part of national education day, we would like to share about the existence of online learning.

Online learning or e-learning appear to answer people need to study that can be done everywhere and every time. What people needs are PC/Laptop and internet to connect to the site then they don’t have to spend money for transportation to the campus.

We conduct a survey to see whether online learning is needed by the community or not?


As you can see, 93.5% agree that they do need an online learning but only 58.1% who have visited the site at least once. One of reason is because many people still doubt on the quality of online learning that not the same as conventional. Zenius becomes their top choice of online learning site to be visited with 38.7% followed by Ruangguru that the differences quite close with 35.5%. On twitter, Zenius leads on total followers with 109k while Indonesia X has 47k followers.

To be concluded, the community indeed needs online learning which helps them to learn without interrupting their own schedule. There’s opportunity for online learning that will growth in Indonesia as people still active using the internet on every device. In order to do that, the site must interact or listen to their audience on what thought regarding online learning, whether is about the subject they wanted to learn or interact with others in solving a question. Happy learning!!!