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Dear Insurance Companies, How Social Was Your Brand During Ramadan?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nowadays, the insurance industry has become one of the most talked-about topics in social media, thanks to the rising number of influential financial planners who finally discovered a way to make a good use of social media. With "financial awareness" suddenly become a cool thing to talk about, it should be interesting to see how the insurance industry topic is doing in social media.

So, the obvious next step would be to conduct a listening to see what's happening to prove a point. Using Sonar, our social and digital media listening tool, we started collecting on the June 27th and finished on July 26th, shortly before the holidays.

Cross-platform social media activity indicates an average engagement rate of 0.4 per post. Social Media conversations and mentions in the insurance industry mostly talked about which insurance companies are the best in Indonesia and insurance claims, especially after Jackie Chan's case regarding difficulties in claiming insurance that pushed the engagement rate on July 20th 2014.

Among insurance companies or brands in Indonesia such as Cigna, AXA, Bumiputera, Adira, Manulife, Sequis and ACA; Prudential is the most talked-about insurance company in the industry. The massive edge Prudential has in social media buzz was mainly attributed to the number of unofficial and community accounts circulating, in which @prudential_1 -an unofficial account- is proved to be extremely effective in pushing insurance topics virally while @kabarotomotif -a community portal- could be a potential buzzer for companies focusing on auto insurance.

Also, a personal Account belonging to a user named Risman has become a potential influencer with the most viral reach and appeal regarding an insurance-related quiz. The Post-to-Author rate underlines the fact that mostly the same accounts and sources are re-posting and regenerating existing content, in which fun-fact twitter accounts and unofficial accounts with insurance news generated the most engagements; while brand accounts -despite actively posting updates- did not seem to catch on with the audience.

As for online media news, BeritaSatu's coverage of the Telkomsel-Signa partnership dominated headlines in insurance, while other portals basically picked up issues such as global and claim issues. Altough, Recent articles mostly talk about tips on choosing the right auto insurance and companies that offer free insurance to people who uses their product or brand, which makes this topic a noteworthy media and blog posts.

The volume of posts and engaments were pushed to its highest peak during the 2nd of July regarding a word game related to insurance from Manulife, generating more positive sentiments than negative to most posts from online media and forums. However, a post regarding Bank Mega's "more-than-aggressive" sales style generated to most negative buzz in the form of complaints on Twitter, carried also by influential accounts.