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72nd National Independence Day Takes Buzz On Twitter With #RI72

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Like every 17th  of August, people in Indonesia celebrate the country’s National Independence Day. The celebration was held by the people from every part of the nation, or as the famous Indonesian saying says from Sabang to Merauke. The crowd hype also spread to social media where netizens share some thoughts of prayer, hope, joy and wishes for Indonesia. According to Twitter Indonesia, there were 1.1 million tweets related to the 72nd National Independence Day across the country. Here’s the heat map taken from and shared by Twitter Indonesia.

Twitter Indonesia also informed that the most retweeted post during this celebration was the President of Indonesia himself, Joko Widodo, with 7,827 Retweets.

We took the liberty in finding out which were the top hashtags and keywords that both netizens and media portal tweeted about during this nation wide occasion. Also, we were on the look out for the most viral tweet of each top hashtags and keywords. Let’s take a peek!

On occasions like these, social is the place to be and the platform to check out since there’s bound to a lot of hype from people with a various celebratory post which often enough result to trending topics. Want to dig deeper on certain trends nowadays, and get the numbers behind the buzz? Get our free demo by clicking here!