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Airlines: Utilizing Social Data To Serve Travellers Better

Here's how AirAsia pays close attention to their customers needs by listening to what they actually say on social.

For over two years, Sonar has helped Air Asia with social insight in order for them to serve their travellers better. Not too long ago, we caught up with Mr. Ibnu Ambara from the social media and digital marketing department at Air Asia Indonesia to see just how our insight and reports were used at the Air Asia office.

Mr. Ibnu himself stated that Air Asia ‘s performance is somehow connected and dependent on their Digital Marketing in the social scope. “In this digital era, Air Asia needs to get insight from the digital platform, because in this digital platform connects quickly and interactions happen very quickly and almost instantly. Nowadays, people use social media to complain, look for news or updates and Air Asia needs to keep improving and keep up with the world of Digital”. True that, sir. It is. People tend to tell what they are happy and unhappy about on social media, especially Twitter. It’s important for businesses to know what has been said and why. This is what Air Asia Indonesia realized about two years prior.

Air Asia Indonesia hasn’t used a listening tool or platform before. Early on, Ibnu explained that they used to just get raw insight from social media and then they would harness and conclude these insights on their own to be able to provide better service and improve their performance.  

“We have known Sonar for about two years now, we got a lot of insights from the reports they have given us so far and from these insights we were able to do better each week and increase our performance through what we have learned from the previous weeks because of it. So, because of Sonar we were able to get insights on what is good, what is okay and what isn’t okay. “

The features that are often used by Air Asia Indonesia are the keyword search and the sentiment analysis. From these features, we show them the keywords on social relating to Air Asia, for example “delays”, “Air Asia Indonesia” or “Air Asia” and then we determine the sentiment surrounding these keywords and posts by Netizen.  So, through these keywords and the sentiment surrounding it, we get to see the problem. Air Asia can see what exactly are the issues at hand, when were their flights delayed, what caused the issue and such in saying order for them to understand what the social audience are saying about them and how to fix any negative sentiments.

As you can see, it’s been a great two years with Air Asia and we hope for many more to come!

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