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Media Intelligence

Powering data-driven decisions based on
Social, Digital, and Traditional
conversations in one integrated platform.

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The Platform

Our comprehensive intelligence platform combines social media, digital media, print media, and
marketplace data sources—aiming to deliver mission critical insights and automated insight
reports on demand.

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image Analytics

Our end-to-end social media influencer management platform optimizes ROI and engagement
strategies by recommending the most optimal influencers for over 20 categories and sub-
categories with advanced analytics and automated reporting.

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image influence

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the core technology we use to help us detect the nuance
contained in each specific keyword related to your brand or product in social media conversations
so you can make data-driven decisions and prevent future crisis.

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Our Solutions

Discover what we can do for your specific industry through the combination of our platform products, analytical services, and industry experience. Harnessing the full potential of Sonar Platform, our analytical solutions help you solve your business challenges so you can save time and valuable resources.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Brand Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

Understand the position of your company compared to other companies that produce similar products or services based on social media footprints, share of voice, and sentiment. Benchmark over 12 main industries and find out exactly where you stand.


Ibnu Ambara

Social Media & Digital Marketing Air Asia

“We obtained a lot of insights from the reports Sonar had provided us so far. From these insights, we are able to do better each week and increase our performance through what we have learned.”


Teguh Kristianto

Managing Director of NOID+ Digital Agency

“Sonar has helped us in monitoring the current digital trends so that we can conduct an even more spot-on strategy for each specific brand or client.”


Eunike Kartini

Social Media Manager of OVO ID

“Thanks to Sonar, we are able to capture social media conversations that came from customers—whether it’s a compliment or feedback—without asking them to mention our account. We are also able to assess our Share of Voice each month which we can use to improve the contents of our owned and paid social media channels.”


Amin Nudin

System & Digital Media Analyst of PT Astra Honda Motors

“With Sonar’s technology, we can now easily capture social media conversations coming from customers about Honda’s products, even the ones that occur outside of our official AHM Contact Center—which of course helped us as well in figuring out what the core problem was which resulted in better customer satisfaction.”


We love sharing. So, here’s a few free reports and other
resources we have carefully put together.

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