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4 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Media Monitoring

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4 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Media Monitoring

Recently, media monitoring has become more and more familiar in the PR or marketing business. So, using media monitoring to help improve your business is a no-brainer. With so many options available on the market, you can choose either one of these tools according to your budget and needs. However, do you know the reason why you should use one? In this article, we will give you the 4 top reasons to use media monitoring!

1. Determine your target audience

The first step to sell a product is to determine which audience is suitable for the product. The better we understand the audience, the more chance we get in selling our products. As simple as it may seem, it could really be a tricky and misguiding task. This is exactly where media monitoring steps in and help you find a suitable audience while understanding their needs. Media monitoring will provide audience data such as their age range, location, and behaviour which you can further use to connect with the right audience for more efficient results on your digital channels.   

2. Help create a better marketing strategy

By knowing and understanding your audience, you can create a better marketing strategy—especially when it comes to running a campaign. When you create a campaign, investing big money in mega influencers or expensive ads effort are not entirely necessary because what will matter in the end is the result—or in other words, your conversions. An excellent campaign strategy will get you a high conversion rate without spending a huge amount of money. Some media monitoring platform like Sonar can provide you influencer data which would be a great help in strategizing your digital marketing and campaign. Furthermore, it could help you analyse each influencer’s performance on your campaign which in turn create a more effective campaign in the future with desirable results.

3. Track your competitor

By tracking your competitor, you can understand your industry a whole lot better. Learning from competitor’s achievements/mistakes can help improve your overall marketing strategy. Media monitoring can provide any data you need from your competitors. Thus, you can anticipate the strategies they are coming up with and strive to be the top-of-mind within your specific industry.   

4. Avoid a crisis and maintain your reputation

When things go viral, it could end in two ways—either it’s helping your business grow or ruining your business. Before things spiral out of control, you can use media monitoring to prevent it from happening. Some media monitoring is already equipped with a sentiment analysis feature to help track every mention, tag, post, or comment about your business or brand in social media and measure them into three categories—positive, negative, and neutral. With this information, you will have time to spare in generating the best response regarding any viral moment related to your business. Not only does it help your business grow, but it can also be amplified to support your ongoing campaign. On the other hand, if the virality became a crisis instead, you have the chance to react quickly and maintain your reputation. However, not all media monitoring tool has this feature. So, make sure to choose your tools carefully.   

After knowing the 4 top reasons why you should use media monitoring for your business, you are now good to go in finding the best tool for your business. If you still have some issues or questions about media monitoring tools, you can contact Sonar Platform for a quick demo or contact us by following this link.

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