social media monitoring tools


Get the complete picture of your brand,
competitors or industry in digital with Sonar’s extensive
and comprehensive features

Complete coverage

Get complete coverage across all major social media and digital channels, which includes:

  • Guaranteed 100% coverage of any keyword and hashtag on Twitter
  • Over 100 local online media outlets, from tier 1 to tier 3.
  • Open Forum coverage on main forums such as Kaskus, Kompasiana and others
  • Public Facebook pages and open Facebook groups
  • Instagram campaign hashtags and accounts
  • Blogs on Wordpress and Blogspot
Article and comment
data from over 150
local news sites
Discover or follow any
blog article or comment
on Wordpress or

Accurate Sentiment
& Mood Analysis

Capture and learn how your audience is reacting to your products and services, or the industry in general with up to 85% accuracy in sentiment analysis in Bahasa Indonesia. Take it further and uncover conversational moods and types so you can craft the right messages to your audience.

Sort data by
emotions and
Get the overall
of your
towards your

Response Analysis

Take a deep dive into your own or competitors public accounts and analyze comments on Twitter and Facebook and respond accordingly. All responses have the option to be sorted by potential reach and sentiment.

Discover the
whole posts

& Clear Metrics

Say goodbye to sampling and estimates with Sonar’s straightforward metrics on each channel. All of our metrics are explained and transparent.

Get detailed info on
the authors that
mentioned your
Get detailed info on
the authors that
mentioned your


Setup your own topics, manage your own collection rules directly from the dashboard. We put the power in your hands to craft the dashboard and get the insights you need. With interchangeable topics and rules, turn any topic on or off anytime.

Self manage
rules, topics,
users and a
whole lot

Email Alerts

Don’t have time to check the dashboard? Our rule based automated email alerts up to 3 times a day keeps you up to date with the most relevant posts on your owned accounts, competitors or industry conversations.

Get the post
details, linked
to the source
Instantly know
how the most
viral post

Cool Visualizations

Visualize your data based on any topic or search into maps, relational charts, wordclouds and a more with our dataviz generator.

Raw Data

Need to port your dashboard data into your favorite statistical software? Download your data in preset excel files directly from the dashboard.

Saved Searches

Uncover hidden gems in your data by running unlimited sub searches on your data and save these searches for future reference.

Create unlimited sub
topics to fine tune your
datas new insights
become available


Plug Sonar’s analytic or streaming data into any 3rd party software or application with our REST API which is available with any corporate account with alternative CPM pricing.

Streaming API
Stream Sonar data directly to
your desktop or mobile

Analytics API
Create your own charts and
visualizations with Sonar’s
summary data