social media monitoring tools

why use sonar
why use sonar

Why We Need
to "Listen"

With the immense amount of social data circulating the globe every second, the question is not "why listen" but more "why aren't" you listening. Here's some cases why you should pick up a social listening tool, even if your brand isn't in digital yet.

instant research
magnify graph

Instant Market

When should you launch your digital campaign? How will it do? Gathering market intelligence has never been so instant and cost effective with Sonar.

track your digital
maginify twitt

Track Your Digital
Campaign's KPIs

Accurately track and measure your ROI in social media and discover what exactly you achieved in plain numbers.

avoid disaster
caution disaster

Avoid PR

Discover negative conversation trends BEFORE they go viral and who's leading the conversation.

digital audience
digital audience
digital audience

Get To Know Your
Digital Audience

Create spot-on content marketing strategies that talk to your audience in their own language by learning what content interests them and their sharing habits.

utilize social data
graph social data

Utilize Social Data to Enhance Your Business

Sonar focuses on practical and action-able metrics
that clearly indicate the "social media state" of your industry.

Simply input the keywords or themes that represent your industry and Sonar will return concrete results of the top content within that industry, who are the key influencers and what sub-themes are currently being discussed across Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Online Media - all based on engagement and reach. Capitalize on these results to enrich your brand's social media content plan, conduct instant research of relevant topics or simply find out who to hire as your next digital brand ambassador.

trending themes

Discover trending themes
to power your content plans

CRM capabilities

Explore organic interactions to
enhance your CRM capabilities

becnhmark social

Benchmark your social
media campaign performance
with your competitors

sentiment and calculate

Find out media sentiment and
calculate online PR value