Case Studies

All marketers know the importance of social & digital media analytics to find out what people are saying about your brand. Here's some numbers:

  • 90% of marketers say social media is important to their businesses.
  • 68% analyze their social media activities.
  • Only 41% are able to measure their social activities. (Social Media Examiner)

But some take it a step further, integrating social data and conversation analysis into significant business decisions in departments such as marketing, sales, product development and others. Here's how a few key customers of ours managed to improve their business using Sonar Platform's product and services.

Banking: Studying Audience Perception On A Daily Basis

How Think.web analysts use Sonar to gauge the brand perception of their clients.

Airlines: Utilizing Social Data To Serve Travellers Better

Here's how AirAsia pays close attention to their customers needs by listening to what they actually say on social.

Analytics: The Importance of Localized Insights to Power Social Media Campaigns

Data plays quite a major role in digital marketing, it gives brands and organisations’ insight to what is going on around them and what is in their co...

Manufacturing: Marketplace Instant Insights

British American Tobacco Indonesia (BAT Indonesia) needed to know important information about the state of the market in a relatively short amount of...

FMCG: Audience Profiling & Trend Analysis

Friesland Campina Indonesia had trouble keeping up with negative trends popping up in the condensed milk industry, calculating the impact of such issu...

Healthcare: Sentiment & Social Care Benchmarking

Siloam Hospitals group had trouble managing their perception across over 32 individual branches, enforcing social media policies and identifying poten...

Technology: Reputation & Crisis Management

Microsoft Indonesia launched their experimental AI product "Rinna" and wanted to find out as quick as possible on potential negative trends that could...

Public Sector: Policy Perception & Trend Analysis

The Indonesian Ministry of Finance has difficulty tracking negative responses of netizens on social media related to financial issues & policies in In...

Finance: Auto Industry & Audience Profiling

MPM wish to create a 360 degree linkage on their auto clients’ and create enriched profiles on customers that mention or share their social media acco...

Auto: Audience Feedback & Industry Benchmarking

Astra Honda Motors (AHM) needed to maintain their position in digital opposed to their competitors and were under pressure by upper management in hand...

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