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How Media Monitoring Ease Netizens to Navigate Mudik 2023 Pains

How Media Monitoring Ease Netizens to Navigate Mudik 2023 Pains

Learn how media monitoring eases netizens’ pain during Indonesia's annual homecoming event, mudik. Discover top tourist spots and transportation modes, as well as popular telecom and finance topics.

The Ramadhan season in Indonesia is typically marked by an annual homecoming event called “Mudik.” It is a time when Indonesians who have moved to the cities for work travel back to their hometowns or villages to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with their families. The influx of travelers during this time can cause significant traffic congestion, and media monitoring has become an increasingly important tool for tracking and managing the situation.

According to President Jokowi, mudik traffic in 2023 is expected to increase 45% compared to 2022, generating 165k online conversations. To prepare for the surge, the government has implemented several initiatives to ensure smooth and safe travel during mudik. Such as encouraging the use of public transportation, expanding toll roads to improve access to destinations, equipping motorcycle ambulances to handle emergencies, and ensuring tourist attractions are ready to welcome visitors.

Toll Companies Participation in Mudik 2023

Media monitoring has shown that local beaches, Monas, and TMII are among the most buzzworthy tourist spots, with some netizens planning to visit these destinations during the Eid holiday. Additionally, Jasa Marga, Hutama Karya, and Astra Tol are the top three toll companies generating the most buzz.

Netizens' Tweets About Airline & OTA Brands

Netizens have different thoughts on transportation during mudik. Some are planning to visit tourist attractions with their families during the Eid holiday, while others prefer to use private vehicles due to close distances or sentimental value. However, some believe that using public transportation is more cost-effective than driving a private vehicle.

Regardless, private vehicles are the most popular mode of transportation, but social media monitoring also shows that trains, ships, and planes are gaining popularity. Garuda, Citilink, and Lion Air are the top three airlines, while Traveloka,, Pegi-pegi, and Injourney are the top trending online travel agents.

BRI x Waze Collaboration is a Success!

The top topics of conversation during mudik are telecom, health, government, and finance. Most conversations surrounding these topics are positive, with telecom and finance generating the most buzz. Netizens choose Telkomsel as their preferred telecom company, with some complaints about Smartfren’s speed as internet access is crucial for many prior to Mudik. Shortage of money denominations at banks causes inconvenience for some, while the BRI x Waze collaboration is well-received. Netizens are also turning to PayLater and online loans to prepare for mudik.

In conclusion, media monitoring provides valuable insights for managing mudik traffic and understanding public sentiment during the Ramadhan season. With the right tools and expertise, it is possible to harness the power of social media to improve decision-making and ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season for all. If you’re interested in learning more about social media monitoring and how it can benefit your industry, contact us to schedule a demo and see the power of media monitoring firsthand.

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