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Industry-Centric Data & Analytics Solutions

Discover what Sonar can do for your specific industry with a combination of our platform products, analytical services and industry experience. Our analytical solutions harness the full potential of Sonar Platform to solve your business challenges and save time and valuable resources.

Market Intelligence

Understand the position of your company relative to other companies that produce similar products or services based on social media footprints, share...

Competitor Research

Analyze initiatives and campaigns run by your competitors, instantly find out what’s working and what isn’t and benchmark it again your own performanc...

Influencer Discovery & Analysis

Already running a campaign? No worries, our influencer analytical reports highlight exactly what’s working (or not) and help you avoid future budget w...

Brand Sentiment Analysis

Keep track of potential negative or viral trends involving your company, products & services and who are the key opinion leaders driving the conversat...

Audience Profiling

Increase insights into your existing or potential audience by Sonar Platform’s profile enrichment functionality based on public data.

Online Marketplace Analysis

In the midst of COVID-19 keeping track of your products on online marketplaces has became more important than ever. Instantly analyze product sentimen...

Command Center

Integrate your analytics and response team and tools under one command center.

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