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Sonar analytics is an automated digital conversation Intelligence application focused on capturing and analyzing sentiment, trends and industry content. Gather, sort and uncover valuable insights in the social and digital media clutter over various channels from enabling you to paint a complete and concise picture of where you stand in near real-time. Make better and calculated decisions with right and complete data.


Key Features

Sonar Analytics is packed with features that helps generate concise marketing intelligence derived from social and digital media content, covering key platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Marketplaces and open websites in general. Discover what's going on in your industry at any given time with functionality such as sentiment analysis, trend discovery, key profile identification and automated insight reports.

Sonar Analytics in available through both subscription, white label and on-premise options and comes with the following functionalities built-in

Sonar Platform

Measure Perception in Real-Time

Analyze audience perception on social & digital, print & electronic media and marketplace in real-time with advanced industry-centric sentiment and mood analysis. Never miss a critic or a praise from your audience.

Analyze & Benchmark Campaigns

Benchmark your social media and on-ground campaign's digital footprint with your competitors and industry.

Sonar Platform
Sonar Platform

Understand Issues, Uncover Thought Leaders

Instantly understand issues behind the millions of conversations shaping public opinion. Identify conversation starters, analyze social networks and unlock historical context behind an issue.

Automatically Generate Reports

Free up crucial resources and save hours of manual data gathering, cleansing and tabulating with automated reports in both Excel and PowerPoint format.

Sonar Platform


Sonar Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

Sonar Analytics offers the most comprehensive media monitoring services available. We monitor:

  • 1500+ Indonesian online media portals
  • 50+ Indonesian printed media publications
  • Indonesian Local and SEA Regional Forum Sources
  • Twitter – We’re an enterprise data partner
  • Facebook Public Pages & Groups
  • YouTube channels and popular influencers over South East Asia
  • Instagram hashtags, profiles and popular influencers over South East Asia
  • TikTok profiles and official pages
  • Prominent marketplaces in SEA such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Carousel, and Others
  • Print Media Publications over SEA
  • News TV Channels over SEA

Yes, as long as is publicly available content or authorized sources.

No, we strictly abide by the privacy requirements by each platform and government regulations of each country we operate in.

Sonar Platform's coverage extends through South East Asia (ASEAN), such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei

70 – 85% depending on each industry. Higher accuracy is expected for industries we’ve extensively covered and possess high amounts of linguistic training data such as Banking, Telco, FMCG, Security and Public Sector, Finance, Automotive, Tobacco and Airlines.

We guarantee 100% keyword related data capture on Twitter and media portals under our coverage. For other channels, we rely on conversations supplied by each platform’s respective API.

Our flagship feature is our automated insight report available in Powerpoint (PPT) containing chart visualizations and automated summaries. Other automated report formats are raw data (csv/xls), visualizations such as social network analysis and geo-location plotting. Custom reports are also available

We have several subscription options mainly based on the amount of conversations we process within a single month – quota based pricing, all with unlimited keywords on Twitter, Online Media, Forums and Blogs.  

Platforms that offer unlimited mentions usually do not guarantee full coverage, especially on high volume channels such as Twitter and mainly use free API options that get throttled and depreciated regularly.

Simply fill out or contact form here, and we’ll get in touch with you within the hour (during working hours that is). We usually take 24 hours to activate accounts after keyword approval.

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PT Sonar Analitika Indonesia is a Dataxet Pte. Ltd. company.