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Sonar X Dataxet Webinar Summary Part I: The EVO Insight Framework

This article will summarize the contents of our first webinar, “Sonar X Dataxet Webinar: Taking Media Intelligence from FYI to ROI”, with the objective of introducing the EVO insight framework and its case studies in the Indonesian healthcare sector to the audience.

Last September (15/09), we were finally able to hold our first webinar, “Sonar X Dataxet Webinar: Taking Media Intelligence from FYI to ROI”, with the objective of introducing the EVO insight framework and its case studies in the Indonesian healthcare sector to the audience. This webinar was held virtually via Zoom, moderated by Amien Krisna (Founder & CEO of Sonar Platform), joined by Robert Kabus (Chief Insight Officer of Dataxet), Aristama Roesli (Chief Data Officer of Sonar Platform), and Sultan Arifan (Channel Manager of Huawei Cloud) as the speakers. If you are interested to know how the event went and the contents of the materials presented by our speakers, read the first part of the webinar summary we have compiled below.

EVO: Media Intelligence for the Age of Accountability

(Speaker: Robert Kabus)

In this age of accountability, there is a need for a certain framework that can leverage the power of integration to create more transformative insights and strategies. A few years back, the objective of media intelligence was merely to make data accessible. However, the amazing amount of data that was available turned out to be too much to handle and failed to give us the insights we actually need.

“So, what we see is the opportunity for media intelligence to step into that role of being one of the data sources that really starts to drive strategy out there.” – Robert Kabus

EVO Framework is the three factors that drive all brand relationship and activity.

1. E: Experience  

“What is it like to engage with the people, products, and services?”

2. V: Values

“How does that experience affect my beliefs and the way I see them as a brand? And do we share the same sense of value about the things we care about?”

3. O: Offer 

“What’s in it for me and how much will it cost me at the end of the day?”

It turns out that the companies who pay attention and thrive in these areas by giving a better experience for customers, using their values to greater benefit, and providing better offers than their competitors far outperform their peers out there in the marketplace. The fact that these are the things that are actually proven to be transformative is ultimately the reason behind the creation of the EVO framework.

After a very quick, broad look at what has been happening in the Indonesian healthcare sectors throughout the 1st half of 2021 from a fairly traditional point of view, what we get is just a glimpse of what the top topics and conversations are about, which may be informative but still lacks insight. The EVO framework helps us categorize each story according to the three drivers (Experience, Values, Offer), resulting in a deeper understanding of what really drove attention both in the topics surrounding hospitals and telemedicine. After getting a hold of the big picture, we can then move on to finding out what perceptions brands are competing on using the same EVO framework. Moving forward, the EVO framework is once again used to analyse what drove coverage and conversations as well as what’s driving sentiments both in hospitals and telemedicine.

If you want to dig deeper about this material, watch the full webinar here:

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