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Discover Social Media Analysis Tools Trends in Indonesia

There are more than 4 billion active users on social media. By utilizing these social media analysis tools, your business can grow rapidly. Let's get to know in more detail.

Nowadays, social media has become a fundamental part of everyday life. More than 4 billion people worldwide are active users of social media. So, it is no wonder that social media platforms now become an invaluable source of data, whether for business, marketers, or media analysts. This valuable data can be obtained by utilizing a social media analytic tool. Indonesia is moving forward into the digital era, so following the latest trends from social media analysis Indonesia is very important, especially for business owners, to understand the impact of social media on the business you are running.

Video Content is On The Rise

content video dataxet sonar

Video content has become an increasingly popular format on social media. Videos can be used to tell stories or convey information in a way that is more interesting when compared to content that is just static images or text. Given this fact, social media analytic tool is now more focused on video content, including analyzing metrics such as views, engagement, and content shares.

Real-time Monitoring is Becoming More Important

Social media platforms in Indonesia move very fast with content being created and shared continuously every day. Thus, real-time monitoring is becoming increasingly important in social media analysis Indonesia. Many companies are now using social media analytic tool to monitor social media conversations in real-time so they can quickly respond to emerging trends and issues.

Social Listening Goes Beyond Marketing

social listening marketing

Initially, social listening was used solely for marketing purposes, but now it has expanded to other aspects of the business, including customer service, product development and risk management. Social media analytic tool can provide valuable insights into customer sentiment, preferences and behavior, thus enabling companies to make more informed decisions.

Influencer Marketing is Becoming More Data-Driven

Utilizing influencers has now become a popular marketing method for many businesses to reach their target audience more optimally. Currently, many companies are using social media analytic tool to measure the impact of influencer marketing campaigns on their business. Data-driven social media analytics can allow companies to track various metrics such as engagement and conversion rates. With the acquisition of this data, companies can find out the performance of influencers in their industry and those who are working with their business.

Artificial intelligence plays a bigger role

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is becoming increasingly important in social media analysis Indonesia. AI-powered tools can analyze social media data more quickly, efficiently, and accurately than humans. This allows companies to gain insight or data more efficiently. AI can also be used to analyze market sentiment, identify trends, and even predict consumer behavior.

Data Privacy And Ethics Are Important Considerations

data privacy online ethnics

With growing concerns about privacy among social media users in Indonesia, social media analysis Indonesia is now increasingly focusing on ensuring that data is collected and analyzed in an ethical and transparent manner. The company has policies and procedures in place to ensure that data is collected with consent, and that data is used in an accountable manner.

With the existence of social media, now businesses can easily reach target audiences more effectively and interact with them personally. However, with the increasing number of social media platforms and users, it can be difficult for businesses to track their social media performance. This is where social media analytic tool come into play.

Below are some of the best tools for social media analysis Indonesia available in 2023 that you can consider for your business.

DXT360 from Dataxet:Sonar

dxt360 dataxet sonar

DXT360 from Dataxet:Sonar is one of the best tools in social media analysis Indonesia today. Apart from helping track public conversations about your business online, this social media analytic tool can also help analyze market sentiment about your business, monitor the performance of influencers in your business industry, and analyze your business competitors. Most importantly, the DXT360 from Dataxet:Sonar is also capable of working in real-time so you can deal with negative responses immediately and prevent negative events from happening. This of course can help your business maintain a positive reputation. You can try the best social media analysis Indonesia from Dataxet:Sonar for free here.


The existence of social media platforms that are now increasingly diverse can sometimes be confusing, especially for start-up businesses. To manage multiple social media platforms at once, you can take advantage of Hootsuite. With Hootsuite, you can manage all your business’ social media platforms from one central location. Content scheduling, social media monitoring, and analytics are some of the features you can take advantage of. Apart from that, you can also track your business’ social media performance, measure ROI, and identify areas that need improvement. Hootsuite is also available for mobile, so you can manage your business social media anywhere.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another popular social media management tool that offers a variety of features, including scheduling, monitoring, and analytics. This tool can also help you manage all your business’ social media messages from one place. Sprout Social offers advanced social media analytic tool that allow you to track social media performance, measure ROI, and identify trends in your business’ social media data.


talkwalker tools

Talkwalker is a social media analytic tool that can provide insights about your business’s online reputation, level of interaction, public sentiment towards your brand, and feedback from your customers. Apart from that, with Talkwalker you can also find out data relating to your business competitors. Talkwalker also provides data based on audience demographics and is able to analyze your business influencers.


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that already supports multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Buffer also offers a social media analytics tool that can help you track social media performance and measure your business ROI. Buffer helps you save time by scheduling content posts so you can focus more on engaging with your audience in real-time.


brandwatch tools media monitoring

Brandwatch is an enterprise-grade social media analytics tool that offers powerful features for businesses. This tool allows your business to track mentions of your brand, monitor your business’ social media reputation, and identify influencers in your industry. In addition to tracking your business’ social media performance, Brandwatch’s sophisticated analytics feature is also able to measure ROI, and identify trends in your business industry. This is of course ideal for large businesses and companies that need a comprehensive social media analytic tool.

Google Analytics

google analytics tools

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that can help track website traffic and analyze user behavior. In addition, Google Analytics also provides a social media analytic tool that can help you track social media performance and measure your business ROI. With Google Analytics, you can also identify which social media platforms are driving traffic to your business website.

The social media analytic tool is a very important tool for businesses that want to stay on top of their social media performance. Both small businesses and large companies both need a social media analytic tool to track social media performance, measure ROI, and identify areas that need improvement in their business. By leveraging the right tools for social media analysis Indonesia such as DXT360 from Dataxet:Sonar, your company can reach the top position in your business industry with the latest advanced features that every business needs. To find out more about the DXT360 from Dataxet:Sonar, contact us immediately and get a free demo today.

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