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Analytics: The Importance of Localized Insights to Power Social Media Campaigns

Data plays quite a major role in digital marketing, it gives brands and organisations’ insight to what is going on around them and what is in their consumer’s mind.

When we visited Mirum, we were quite amazed at what they had to say.

Mirum is a very established global agency that roots from innovation, technology, design, data and marketing, principles that Sonar can relate to. So, just from this reason alone we are glad to help out in the technology, data and marketing aspect, because when you talk data, we’re all in! As you may already know, data is what makes the wheels go round here at Sonar. We caught up with Cenmidtal Cuaca Mulyanto, the Associate Analytics Director at Mirum and we were eager to find out what he had to say about Sonar.

Mirum serves a lot of major companies who needs marketing expertise, especially digital marketing. According to Mr. Cenmidtal, in this modern era, some business even focus only on digital marketing. Now, data plays quite a major role in digital marketing, it gives brands and organizations’ insight to what is going on around them and what is in their consumer’s mind. That’s what we are here for!

Being a successful agency, Mirum of course have used a social media monitoring tool before, which is why we wanted to know more about their experience with our platform. It turns out, Mirum likes and uses Sonar extensively, either for brand and traffic monitoring or consumer insight. According to Mirum’s past experiences, Mr. Cenmidtal stated that user interface is extremely crucial, because it can get in the way of the data discovering process. Lucky for us, He had nothing but good things to say about Sonar in that area. In his words, he stated “Sonar has a very user friendly interface”. Well, we actually do! Our all-in-one dashboard is very user friendly. We have your reach data, daily buzz and sentiment data in one dashboard for you to look at. In addition, we also offer training sessions for our clients to familiarize themselves with our dashboard and data reports.

Another important issue is the language processing and analyzing. Understanding the sentiment of the local market is extremely important for brands in order to understand what their consumers like and what they don’t like…or in more serious cases, what they really don’t like and what they expect of you.

Sonar can detect slang and it can also detect colloquialisms that some other social listening tools are not able to detect. That is what Mr. Cenmidtal had to say about our language processing, or what we like to call, the sentiment analysis feature.

The fact that Mirum’s Associate Analytics Director said himself that he likes our dashboard along with our language processing capability, makes us eager to continue progressing. When we asked to pin point the best feature of Sonar for Mirum, we were pleasantly surprised to find out his answer, in his own words. 

“One of the best features of Sonar, is that it can predict or estimate potential reach. The second thing that we find very helpful is the search feature within Sonar.” He stated that our search feature ensures him and his team that they know and that they can get what they want. Meaning that our search feature helps you look and obtain data consisting of the keywords, hashtags or even trends that relates and matter to you without unwanted noise.

So, needless to say, visiting Mirum was indeed a fun and fulfilling stroll!

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